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Casa is ready for mothers and the sound of babies again!

A Huge Thank You

The house has been very quiet during the Covid-19 shutdown. The cute basinets are empty; no sound of babies crying or cooing. The kitchen usually abuzz with activity and the smells of spices and food that pregnant women concoct as they go about their day coming and going for school, counseling, or work is missing the expectant mothers. We miss these sights and sounds and we can’t wait to welcome them again! As the women slowly left during the shutdown, we used the time
to regroup and gear up to provide services in our world’s “new normal.”

Casa repainted the rooms and bathrooms, replaced the carpet, and installed new blinds! A symbolic fresh start as many broken women in crisis who come through these doors often need to do, leaving behind an abusive partner or a dysfunctional home.

Casa is ready. Surely but cautiously, as we instituted safety protocols, we are starting to receive applicants. Interviews are being conducted by our capable administrators.

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