A word from the President:
Camille Adli, DDS

When my teen daughter had a major growth spurt at 12, her jaw started hurting and at one point she couldn’t open her mouth wide enough to comfortably put food in it or even yawn. Growing pains are a norm in most kids and it does include some pain in the jaws especially during growth spurts (a sudden change in height or shoe size is a good indicator of a growth spurt). The bottom line is: Growth is good but can be tough.

Well, Casa had its own growth spurt this summer. I am thrilled to announce that Casa de los Angelitos has added seven fabulous women as new board members. We recognize that we have new personalities with varying backgrounds and an array of talents that can be tapped into to make Casa a modern, thriving, and relevant nonprofit. Along with the new board, we are updating our operational systems, definitely going digital for most of our communications and remote access to information. We needed to train our staff on new technology. We have had Zoom board meetings to adjust to the pandemic’s grasp on our community, and we even have grant writers working remotely.

“Growth is
good but can
be tough.”

We must aim for growth. To stay nostalgic for when things were “easier” poses as an obstacle for keeping up with changing times and access to opportunities. We accept the growing pains to be part of becoming bigger and better for the sake of the women and babies who need help.

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