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Spring Reflections 2022

One of our volunteers, Liam FitzGerald, built an adorable herb garden for the women at Casa.  Different herbs can thrive together and be the most rewarding container crops, if you are mindful of their needs. They can grow into a lush and bushy ecosystem of plants that have unique requirements and temperaments that can encourage new growth. With love and patience, they can flourish.

I think of Casa as such, a little cocoon for expectant mothers to be
free to nest and thrive in the safety of a home (a privilege some of them
have not yet experienced). For a brief time, they are allowed the luxury of practical immunity from the harsh realities of where they had come from. These women are at their most vulnerable, so they can hopefully gain a different outlook when they finally leave the home.

This is the essence of Casa de Los Angelitos. The Board aspires to keep this garden healthy and thriving. We water it and provide fertilizers in the form of enrichment classes and counseling. Like the plants, the women indulge in it! Some are able to take more and others can only take a little. There is a support system here that encourages new growth and birth.

These are constants if we are to nurture the well-being of anyone we are fortunate enough to have at Casa. 

The people who facilitate and maintain this mission however, will change throughout the years. Staff, board members, and donors may come and go – but the mission stays. We are temporary custodians and are aware of the limited opportunity to make our mark on this beautiful home. The year 2021 was full of such opportunities: to re-open, re-organize, to refresh, and to always raise money for the maintenance of the organization. We the Board, thank you, our supporters and
donors for all your support because it is after all,


We sincerely believe this and we hope you do too.



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