How Can You Help?

For more than 34 years, Casa de los Angelitos has helped hundreds of pregnant women in crisis. For most of these women, Casa offers the only lifeline in an otherwise desperate situation. Casa provides a safe, secure, compassionate environment for the women and their infants, the only home of its kind in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, California. More than four hundred babies have been cared for at Casa since its inception. Many of these women have gone on to live successful and fruitful lives, lives that would not have been possible without Casa’s intervention.

Casa de los Angelitos does not receive any government funding and depends solely on the generosity of donors like you. We are grateful to our benefactors and have been fortunate to date. We share in the agony of the whole world brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. With our limited resources, we have been especially left vulnerable and extremely encumbered with our ability to provide services to one of the most marginalized and often neglected members of our community.

We are urgently appealing to your compassion and generosity in these most troubling times. Casa de los Angelitos offers these women and their babies the only ray of hope in their dire situation. Please help us make this world a better place by providing the possibility of a future to mothers and their babies. Donations may be made through our online payment portal/website (exact link), or by check Venmo etc. etc. etc.

Thank you so much in advance for your generosity. Your donation is extremely appreciated, its impact profound.

We thank you for considering donating the following items:

  • Diapers (Newborns,1,2, and 3)
  • Baby wipes
  • Baby shampoo and soap
  • Dreft or Tide laundry detergents and cleaning supplies
  • Baby clothes
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Paper goods (paper towels, toilet paper)
  • Gift cards

If you wish to donate any of the above items for volunteer your services, please call one of our administrators at (310) 325-8208 or email us at

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