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Casa Christmas 2023 Ho! Ho! Ho!

Casa Christmas 2023 Ho! Ho! Ho!

On December 9, Casa de los Angelitos transformed into a festive haven as the board members orchestrated a heartwarming Christmas celebration. The spirit of giving filled the air, complemented by an abundance of delicious food and the joyous decoration efforts of the dedicated staff and residents.


The banquet featured a delightful array of dishes, ranging from mouth-watering lasagna and penne in pesto sauce to crispy fried chicken and savory enchiladas. A variety of cookies and treats added a sweet touch to the culinary offerings, creating a feast that brought everyone together.


Attendees spanned a diverse group, including current board members, staff, and their families, alongside current residents, recent alumni residents, and their children. The presence of past board members added a touch of continuity to the celebration, showcasing the enduring sense of community at Casa de los Angelitos.


The true spirit of generosity was exemplified through the donation of toys by St. John Fisher Catholic Church and other benefactors. The joy on the children’s faces was palpable as each child had the opportunity to select a couple of toys, making the festive season brighter for all involved.


A particularly heartening moment unfolded when long-time alumni Shalana and Antoinette, who were residents of Casa in 1997, returned with generous gifts of air fryers, clothes, and gift cards for the current residents. Beyond the material presents, their inspirational talk served as tangible evidence that transformation and success are achievable, providing hope and motivation to those currently residing at Casa.


The celebration turned into a sweet reunion when Shalana and Antoinette crossed paths with Berthe and Ida, the founding members of Casa de los Angelitos. This unexpected encounter brought forth memories from 1997, highlighting the profound impact that personal support and community can have on individuals striving to turn their lives around.


In the true spirit of Christmas, Casa de los Angelitos not only created a festive atmosphere but also fostered a sense of connection, generosity, and inspiration that will undoubtedly resonate with all those who attended. The event showcased the enduring spirit of Casa, where the past, present, and future intertwine to create a supportive community dedicated to positive transformation.

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